"I have been a customer of Yorktown Heights insurance for about 3 years with Bonnie. I refer to Yorktown Heights Insurance as Bonnie because to me they are more than just your average insurance company. When you sign up with YHIA you become part of their family. I have had 5 different insurance companies in the past and never have I felt the comfort and family invitation of an insurance company like theirs before."

–Robert Madsen, All Season Tree Care

"Bonnie truly understands my families needs and the insurance industry. We have developed a strong relationship with YHIA and know we can trust them to guide us in the right direction. YHIA handles all my families insurance needs and provides the necessary advice and services to help us save money."

–Paul Nolan, Yorktown Heights

"I cannot recommend YHIA/Bonnie Tracy enough! Having car insurance for over 7 years with the same company, I thought I was well covered and never thought much about it. I added renters insurance this past year and like car insurance thought all was well and good. Bonnie had me bring in both policies and actually explained each and every item covered and deciphered the multiple side notations on my policy. Afterwards she showed me that if I changed my company it was not only cheaper but had much better coverage! A better price, better coverage, and only a moment of time. YHIA should boast more often about their wonderful services and expertise!"

–Sarah H., American Biological Services