Danbury Home Insurance

The Easy Solution to Your Danbury Home Insurance Needs

You're thinking about home insurance, right? But you have unanswered questions, like how much it costs. And uncertainties, like how much coverage you need.

You came to the right place. Everything you need to know is here, or readily available from the Danbury home insurance experts at the Heights Agency.

We'll give you the information you need, an instant, no-cost, no-obligation quote and, when you're ready, we'll put your protection in place, fast and without fuss.

That's good because there's a lot more to homeowners insurance and renters insurance than some people realize.

For example, when you insure your home here in Danbury, its market value is not what matters. It's how much it would cost to rebuild.

For instance, your home may be valued at $500,000 but the rebuilding cost could be $400,000 (since it doesn’t include the cost/value of the land). Or it might cost significantly more.

In fact, there are several dangers for the home insurance shopper that you can avoid by consulting our professionals.


Do I Need Home Insurance?

Although homeowners insurance is not required in Danbury or anywhere else by law, if you have a mortgage your lender will likely insist on it. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, it's crazy not to have protection for your most valuable asset and your personal property.

And if you rent your home, your landlord will only have insurance for the structure, not the precious things you keep inside it.

Our Danbury home policy experts will help you understand your needs and explain your options.


Options for Home Insurance in Danbury, Connecticut and Beyond

People think of two main aspects of homeowners insurance -- the building itself and what's inside it -- with renters insurance focused on the contents. But there's more to it than that. Here are the key options:

  • Liability insurance. This is protection against lawsuits, legal and medical costs if someone blames you for an accident or injury. Most obviously, people think of costly slips and trips by a visitor. But what if a tree in your yard falls on a neighboring home or car? Or, what if your dog bites a passerby? Liability risks are all around us and this part of your policy can safeguard you.
  • Structural insurance, to protect you against many perils that could damage or even destroy your home -- things like fire, vandalism, explosion or windstorm. Outbuildings, fences and even swimming pools are included. Certain perils like floods are not included but we can arrange this as additional coverage. Renters usually don’t need this unless they've made internal alterations to the structure. We'll help you decide on this.
  • Personal property insurance. This covers just about everything inside your home against risks like fire, theft and other accidental damage. High-value items may need to be named and may need additional. This element of insurance usually also covers possessions you take with you while traveling.
  • There are several additional options including umbrella insurance. This is a low-cost policy that increases the payout limits on liability protection.


Why You Need the Heights Agency to Protect Your Danbury Home

Many homeowners and renters in Danbury and beyond already entrust their home insurance to the Heights Agency because of our expertise and great customer service.

But they get much more.

We're an independent agency, which means we're not tied to only one insurer. We work with many A-listed insurers serving Connecticut, so we can find exactly the coverage you need at the right price.

We also help you identify the level of liability, structural and contents protection you need, and keep it under constant review. And we help you decide on the level of deductible -- the amount you pay yourself before your policy kicks in -- which can save you money

We also can often secure great discounts. We can answer your questions, provide advice and support if you have to make a claim. Plus, of course, we're right here in Danbury, as part of your community.


Get Home Protection-Wise

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain protection-wise by inviting the Heights Agency to quote for your Danbury home insurance. Use this website, send us an email or call. Let's get started.