Danbury Auto Insurance

Save Time and Money on Your Danbury Car Insurance

Insuring your car in Danbury, for great coverage at competitive prices, is as simple as contacting the Heights Agency. We do the rest.

As an independent agency, we work with many major insurers serving Connecticut. And, since they mostly charge different rates for the same coverage, and offer different levels of discounts, it's good to place your Danbury auto insurance needs into our safe hands and wise minds. 

For you, that means saving time and money. For us, it's the start, we hope, of another long-term client partnership backed by our outstanding customer service and unrivalled auto insurance expertise.

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance

Auto insurance can be complicated. Without expert guidance, you could end up paying for coverage you don’t need, working with an unreliable "cheap" insurer, or finding out too late that you're not fully protected.

Even if you already have auto insurance, can you be sure you're getting the best deal? Ask us and we'll tell you.

Furthermore, every state has its own requirements for auto coverage, so it's important to draw on the knowledge of local professionals here in Danbury who know the rules and can advise on your needs.


What Auto Insurance Protection Do I Need?

Many factors affect your auto insurance requirements. For instance, your vehicle model, its age, where it's kept, your driving record, your age, your views on risk and, of course, your budget.

Your coverage is built around a number of options, including:

  • Auto liability insurance -- protection for damage you cause to other vehicles or property, and for bodily injury to their passengers or other third parties. Coverage includes legal costs and lawsuit settlements.
    Liability insurance is a legal requirement in Connecticut. You must have it.
  • Uninsured motorist insurance. This protects you if an at-fault driver causes a crash but doesn't have enough or any insurance. This is also legally required in Connecticut, which is no bad thing considering there are about 300,000 uninsured drivers here.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP), which covers you and your passengers for medical costs, loss of wages and other benefits, regardless of who caused the accident.
  • Collision insurance to pay for damage to your car in a crash you or your driver caused. Whether this is worthwhile might depend on the value of your car and whether it's being financed. A very low value car might not need coverage, whereas a financed car almost certainly will because your lender insists on it.
  • Same goes for comprehensive auto insurance. This rounds up many of the remaining protections, such as fire, theft or vandalism of your car. It also protects you if your car is damaged by other non-crash-related incidents such as a tree fall or building collapse. But it doesn't cover everything. Make sure you discuss your needs with us so we can arrange other protection or explain what isn't available.
  • Umbrella insurance. The legal limits for liability coverage in Danbury are likely not enough to meet requirements if you cause a collision. These limits can be raised within your main policy. But sometimes that's not enough for the peace of mind you want. In that case, low-cost umbrella insurance is the solution. For only a few dollars a month, an umbrella policy will significantly boost your coverage.


Focused on Your Danbury Car Insurance Needs

With the exceptions of liability and uninsured driver coverage, the protections we've listed are optional. They're not legally required. So how do you know if you need them?

We'll explain and help you decide. Expertise counts in this decision-making. Our focus is always on your needs.

Our Danbury car insurance team also delivers other big benefits, like discounts where available, answers to your questions and unrivalled claims support. Our customer service is second to none.

We also don’t charge you or ask for any type of commitment when you want a review of your existing policy or a quote on a new one. It's fast and free!

So, use our website, email or phone us. Do it now - and get saving on your time and your money.