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We’ve emphasized the importance of home insurance time and time again, but we always like to keep our insurance customers informed of some of the fine details.  For example, did you know property insurance does not cover damage done by wild animals?

We came upon a fantastic blog post on The Insurance Goddess, and wanted to highlight some of the finer points as it relates to protecting your home from unwanted critters:

Suggestions to help prevent animal damage

  • At least once a year (preferably twice), go into your attic and do an inspection. Look for droppings- that’s your first clue of any animal activity. Check electrical wires, ductwork, insulation. Any evidence of chewing or destruction should be pretty obvious. If you do an inspection twice a year, tie it in to another event, like changing the clocks in spring and fall. Plus, the temperature won’t be nearly as extreme as in the middle of summer.
  • Check around your foundation for any signs of digging. If you have basement windows, make sure they are sealed against entry.
  • Seal as many points of entry as possible- attic windows and vents are favorites! Make sure there are sturdy screens or wire mesh on the window opening.
  • Underneath open porches are decks are another favorite- install lattice work  (tight design so they can’t get through) or a wire mesh behind a less tight lattice design to keep the critters from crawling underneath
  • Trim trees close to the house. Squirrels are good jumpers and will jump from the tree onto the roof.
  • If you have a chimney- install a chimney cover. It keeps the critters from crawling into the chimney and then unable to get out, they starve and die. And rotting animal smell is not an odor you want in your house.

Fantastic advice regardless of whether or not you purchased home insurance in one of the boroughs or in Westchester.  You can read the rest of the article here on her blog.

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