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New driver this winter? Get a car insurance quote.New driver this winter? Get a car insurance quote.

New driver this winter? Get a car insurance quote.

We’re always excited to watch our kids grow up.  There’s nothing like catching the first smile on the faces of the newest Westchester drivers after they pass their road test on Front Street.  Fill out our questionnaire to receive a quote for insuring your new driver.

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We’ve Moved!

Hi everyone,

It’s a great feeling when the first “real” update to the blog is to announce exciting news – we’ve moved to a new location!  We’re now located at 1928 Commerce St. – right next to Starbucks and steps from the old sixth grade school.

Take a look at some shots of our new space!

It’s a truly exciting time for us.  Our new home allows us to provide a greater level of service to the Westchester, Dutchess, and Putnam community – continuing to quote competitive rates on auto insurance, boat insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more!

We’ve been a staple of the Yorktown Heights, NY community for many years, and we’ll continue to do so in our new home for years to come.  Thanks again for making us the most trusted name in Westchester.  We look forward to your visits, hearing the stories of veteran and first-time homeowners, and admiring your brand new car or boat.

Your stories are our stories.  We can’t wait to make more!


Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency

How to Help Westchester County Teenagers Be Safer Drivers

We often hear from parents in our community that one of their biggest fears is when one of their children gets behind the wheel of a car.  We understand.

It’s not that they don’t trust them to be safe, responsible drivers.  It’s the distractions — and the uncertainty about what the guy in the next lane is going to do.

GMAC – one of the agencies we work with to quote affordable rates and comprehensive, quality coverage – did some research find out what restrictions parents can place on their kids to ease those concerns.  They came up with a great list, and we wanted to share them with our customers in the greater New York area:

  • Sixty-four percent of parents are imposing the “no mobile devices while driving” rule.
  • About 50 percent of parents implement a driving curfew.
  • About 35 percent of parents allow their teenagers to drive only locally and restrict them from driving on any highways.
  • Thirty-two percent of parents don’t allow their teenagers to drive with friends in the car.
  • Twenty-two percent of parents allow their teenagers to drive only if a parent is with them.
  • Only nine percent of parents don’t impose any driving restrictions on their teenage drivers.

These are great ideas to ensure your children are safe and responsible on the road.  Text messaging while driving has been all over the news as more and more drivers have been involved in serious accidents.  We applaud the parents that are really buckling down on enforcing the first rule about cell phones and smart phones.

Be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can help quote affordable auto insurance for your new driver.

Safe driving,

Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency


Which Month is the Deadliest for American Motorists?

It’s August, and GMAC has some interesting statistics on automobile insurance and related fatalities:

The Fourth of July may be the most hazardous day on U.S. roads, but Aug. 1 kicks off the deadliest month of the year for American motorists.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records going back to 1994, more Americans die in car crashes in August than at any other time of the year. Though the number of people killed in U.S. crashes in August 2009 dropped by almost 400 from 2008, 2,864 still died during the month. (The total for 2010 isn’t yet available.)

The traffic safety agency reports that per 100 million miles traveled, August has an average fatality rate of 1.09, compared with 1.08 for September, the second-deadliest month, and 0.94 for March, the safest month. July, at 1.04, is the third-deadliest.

Common driving mistakes

In 2009, the agency says, an average of 93 people died each day in U.S. motor vehicle crashes — an average of one death every 16 minutes. And according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, from 2005 to 2009, seven of the 25 deadliest days overall occurred in August.

The odds of a fatal crash increase in August “because more people are out on the road driving more miles than other times of the year,” says Russ Rader, a spokesman for the institute.

The deadliest day and the safest day

For the same reason, the deadliest days are on the weekends. Since that’s when Americans tend to run extra errands, visit family members or take more day trips, and when drunken driving increases, it’s no surprise that weekends are a more dangerous time to be on the road.

Our community is important to us, so be sure to engage in responsible driving habits year round. Whether it’s August or any other month, you should also be sure to purchase the proper coverage should the unexpected occur.  Be sure to fill out this questionnaire for your new drivers as well.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of summer!

Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency

Best Skills for Teen Drivers in Westchester County

State Farm has a great safety series going on their blog.  Check out this great piece on teen safety:

Teen drivers are most likely to have a car crash within the first year of receiving their licenses. But aggressive driving and thrill seeking aren’t the primary culprits in these accidents—driver errors are.

A study by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and State Farm identifies the most common errors that teens make while driving. The study found that these three critical errors played a role in nearly half of all serious crashes involving teen drivers:

  • Inability to recognize hazardous situations. Most new drivers don’t scan their surroundings frequently to detect and respond to hazards—and they’re particularly vulnerable when driving at night.
  • Driving too fast for road conditions. Teens often overestimate their driving abilities and drive too fast to negotiate curves or stop safely.
  • Distractions. Playing loud music, talking on cell phones, and texting are dangerous distractions for drivers. But the distraction of friends in the car may be greater: The risk of a crash doubles when a teen has one peer in the car and triples with two or more friends on board.

Addressing common errors and promoting safe driving skills may be the keys to reducing the number of crashes involving teen drivers. Parents and other adults can make a difference in their teen’s driving practices by supervising driving under different conditions, reinforcing decision-making skills, and setting expectations for the teen’s use of the car.

In addition, 46 states and the District of Columbia have now adopted Graduated Driver Licensing programs. These staged licenses give teens the opportunity to gain driving experience while limiting their exposure to higher risk situations, and are proven to reduce the number of crashes involving teen drivers.

Visit State Farm’s Better Teen Driving site for valuable information for teens and parents.

Truly great advice.  We recommend you share it with your children as you both check out Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency auto insurance form.  We look forward to helping you find the highest quality insurance to protect your loved ones.

Hope everyone’s summers are going well!

Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency

Five Signs of Car Trouble Westchester County, NY Residents Can’t Ignore

State Farm is at it again with an informative post on the telltale signs of car trouble.  Be sure to take note of the ones that might be affecting you:

Whether it’s a warning light on your dash or just some odd pinging noise, your vehicle has ways of letting you know that something may not be quite right. Tony Molla, vice president of communications for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and a certified automotive technician, identifies five common signs of car trouble that, for safety’s sake, you don’t want to ignore.

  1. Warning lights. Is the “Oil Pressure” or “Temperature” warning light flashing? Pull over, turn off the engine and call for help. If it’s the “Check Engine” or “Tire Pressure” light, have your car checked within the next day or two. Ignore these key signals and you could end up paying big money for engine repairs—or maybe even a new motor.
  2. Grinding brakes. A metal-to-metal sound while braking is bad news, says Molla. It’s a sign that your brake pads could have worn down completely. Drive slowly and very carefully to the repair shop immediately. Putting this repair off could mean a dangerous loss of stopping power.
  3. Troubling aromas. Getting a whiff of something burning? Pull over and shut off the engine—and if you see actual flames, get out fast. Trust your nose to pick up on gasoline or exhaust fumes or anything else that doesn’t smell right. The smell of gasoline could mean leaking fuel, which could lead to an engine fire.
  4. Steering wheel shimmy. Shakes, shimmying or vibrations felt through the steering wheel could signal one of three things, says Molla—and none of them is good. It could be an out-of-balance wheel, which may speed up tire wear, or a bulge in the tire, which could lead to a blow out. Worse still, the shaking may be caused by a loose lug nut. Don’t ignore a shimmy. Again, pull over, investigate and then drive slowly to the nearest tire store.
  5. Engine whirring when you turn the key. It’s usually the sign your battery needs charging. But it could also signal a battery that’s on its last legs. Any good mechanic can tell you whether your battery needs replacing. And if it’s time, change it.

Very, very good advice to take after locking in a competitive insurance quote.

Driving Safety Tips When Heading To College

The beginning of the semester is just around the corner and our partners over at GMAC have some great tips for kids and parents making the big move.  As many of our clients in Westchester, Dutchess, and Putnam Counties will be loading up the SUV’s this weekend, we hope you’ll take all the necessary precautions to get there safely.

It’s time to go back to college! Share these valuable driving safety tips with your college students as they load up their cars and head back to college.

  1. Avoid Cramming, Pack Right.Even though your son or daughter will try to fit every last piece of dorm room equipment into the car, make sure whoever is driving is able to see out of the rearview mirror despite a fully packed car. Nothing should be packed above seat level in order to avoid projectile movement of objects if the need to stop short arises. Pack right by making two trips or shipping what will not fit safely in the car.
  2. Take a Break. Whether you or child is driving, make sure to plan to take stops and break up your drive if it is a long one.
  3. Conduct a Car Check. Check headlights, oil, turn signals, and tires before letting your son or daughter embark on their journey to college. You never know when these vehicle essentials may break down!
  4. Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Pedestrians. All college campuses experience an increase in the number of pedestrians walking around. Remind your son or daughter to yield to pedestrians and to never pass a car that is stopped at a cross walk.
  5. Always Lock up! College students often forget that urban areas of college campuses are not as safe as their parents’ driveway. Remind your son or daughter to never leave valuables in the car and always lock the car.

Raise awareness about safe driving and let your policyholders test their driving knowledge by reminding them to take the test! Your customers will be able to share and compare their scores with family and friends, and see just how their distracted driving habits measure up. Whether it’s on your Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, or company website, the National Drivers Test initiates great conversation and will grow your business within your community.

Visit and click on the National Drivers Test button. If you’re on Facebook, checkout the National Drivers Test Facebook App where you and your policyholders can “challenge a friend” to take the test!

Certainly some good advice from GMAC!  Head on over to our automobile insurance form to get competitive rates from GMAC and our other partners.

We look forward to helping you stay protected as the semester kicks off!


Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency

How to Insure Westchester County Homes for Disaster

Flood insurance is an important part of protecting yourself during the east coast’s hurricane season.  While Westchester, Dutchess, and Putnam counties aren’t usually in the sights of category III hurricanes, our proximity to the Hudson River and low elevation makes our homes vulnerable to flash flooding and mudslides.

Why Flood Insurance is a Good Idea

Why Flood Insurance is a Good Idea

Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency’s competitive rates and partnerships are your first line of defense against the damage those floods can cause.  Being in the business for over twenty years, we’re able to recommend a quality flood insurance pl

an customized to your home’s location and geography.

Our expertise, however, isn’t simply our ability to provide you the best coverage.  We also have five important tips for those Westchester residents with the highest risk of flooding and water damage.

  1. Move your electronics out of the basement and off of the floor.
  2. Invest in a pump and a dehumidifier to minimize the water damage and mold.
  3. Keep the kids away from damage areas.
  4. Ensure all basement and other vulnerable windows are properly sealed.
  5. Act quickly.

While they may be some of the first things considered, they’re also some of the first things forgotten.  Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency partners with State Farm, Progressive, and other agencies to give you the highest quality rates, but it’s up to you to ensure you have the highest quality protection.

We look forward to providing you the best service in the wake of Hurricane Irene.  Thanks again for choosing us to be one of the most preferred insurance agencies in Westchester.

Yorktown Heights Insurance Agency

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