Best Skills for Teen Drivers in Westchester County

State Farm has a great safety series going on their blog.  Check out this great piece on teen safety:

Teen drivers are most likely to have a car crash within the first year of receiving their licenses. But aggressive driving and thrill seeking aren’t the primary culprits in these accidents—driver errors are.

A study by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and State Farm identifies the most common errors that teens make while driving. The study found that these three critical errors played a role in nearly half of all serious crashes involving teen drivers:

  • Inability to recognize hazardous situations. Most new drivers don’t scan their surroundings frequently to detect and respond to hazards—and they’re particularly vulnerable when driving at night.
  • Driving too fast for road conditions. Teens often overestimate their driving abilities and drive too fast to negotiate curves or stop safely.
  • Distractions. Playing loud music, talking on cell phones, and texting are dangerous distractions for drivers. But the distraction of friends in the car may be greater: The risk of a crash doubles when a teen has one peer in the car and triples with two or more friends on board.

Addressing common errors and promoting safe driving skills may be the keys to reducing the number of crashes involving teen drivers. Parents and other adults can make a difference in their teen’s driving practices by supervising driving under different conditions, reinforcing decision-making skills, and setting expectations for the teen’s use of the car.

In addition, 46 states and the District of Columbia have now adopted Graduated Driver Licensing programs. These staged licenses give teens the opportunity to gain driving experience while limiting their exposure to higher risk situations, and are proven to reduce the number of crashes involving teen drivers.

Visit State Farm’s Better Teen Driving site for valuable information for teens and parents.

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